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Jesus is coming, soon!
Church of the Beloved
Senior PastoróJohn Beard

Pastor John was educated for a career in the Information Technologies field. As he was working at his desk, he had an experience with Jesus Christ and was called, appointed and anointed to the ministry.

Pastor Johnís gift is revelation, and Godís WORD comes alive as he teaches foundational truths. Also, he ministers frequently in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and has seen many miraculous healings. His extensive experience of pastoring five churches and his deep love for people makes him an excellent vessel fit for the Masterís use.
Pastor Elizabeth Beard has been ministering with her husband, John, for over 20 years. She is a teacher and an author and enjoys preparing materials for adults and children alike.
Elizabeth Love has the gift of an evangelist and has brought many people to the feet of Jesus. Her contagious joy and love for God radiant as she exhorts everyone to praise the Lord!

Nancy Goodwin is the Prayer Minister She takes prayer seriously, and is also involved with Billye Brimís World Wide Prayer-ers. We pray for those in need and expect answers!

George and Meredith Ramirez are leading us in Praise and Worship and taking care of media needs. Meredith sang at Eagle Mountain International Church before coming to us! She moves according to the Holy Spirit and leads us to the throne of God each Sunday.